31. 10. 2011

Kůň bez pysku

Pověst z choceňska.

The Horse without a Lip


This story happened in the old times when we didn´t have railway in Choceň yet. Near the place where the railway station is now, there was a pond. In the pond, there lived a water-sprite. He liked it there – it was a quiet place, nobody disturbed him there. But because he loved deep water, he sometimes changed into a horse and he went to swim in the river. After some time, he always came back to his pond.


The street near the pond was called Choceněk. Everyone in Choceněk knew the water-sprite very well. At night, people heard his stamping. It was different from stamping of other horses. This horse had only three horseshoes, the fourth leg was without a horseshoe. Every time the people heard his stamping, they quickly closed the windows and doors, they put out their torches. They didn´t talk nor breathe. The whole street was quiet, as dead.

People were scared.


One day, late in the evening, one farmer went from Choceň to Lhotka. He sold a cow and he got a lot of money. He was happy, excited and a little drunk. Suddenly, he sees a horse in front of him. The horse is running very fast towards him!!!

„Maybe it ran away from someone“, the farmer thought. „I´ll catch it and take it to my house. If I find its owner, I´ll give it back to him. If not, I´ll keep it.“

He wanted to catch the horse by bridle. But the horse didn´t have one. He tried to catch it by lip, then. But the horse had neither a lip nor the lower jaw.

The horse neighed and raised on its back legs. It smiled and spoke in human voice:

„Farmer, do you want to have a swim in the river with me? The water is nicely cold and very, very deep.“


The farmer was scared to death. He ran fast up to Lhotka. Since that time, he never got drunk and he always came home before sunset.


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