31. 10. 2011


Pracovní list k videopohlednici z mého města.



                                               Pracovní list k videu

                                    „Choceň: The Expedition to the Past“


  1. The title of the story is not very good. Can you think of a better one?


2. What year in the past does the boy jump to?


3. The name of the historic figure is: František Oldřich ..................... .


4. What is the Earl wearing? Are his clothes appropriate for the year in history?


5. There are 3 buildings in Choceň which were built in the era of this Earl and are shown in the film.

What are they?                    


6. In the park, there used to be something that was pulled down later - it is not there any more. What was it?


7. What is the name of the park with rocks in Choceň?


8. What was on the top of  Peliny in the times of the Earl Kinský?


9. What can you see there today?


10. The Earl plays a bad trick at the end of the film. What does he do?



Tento pracovní list patří k videu, které natočili ve školním roce 2010/2011 žáci 8. ročníku – Tomáš Chytil and Lukáš Janecký.

Video je k dispozici na tomto odkaze: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xnk1vDfw1Qs

Pracovní list vytvořili žáci 9.A ve školním roce 2010/2011.

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